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New Calvary School of Ministry
2022- 2023 School Year

Classes convene on the third week of each month, Thursday and Friday evenings, 6:00 p.m. until 9:00 p..m. and Saturday 8:30 a.m. until 12:00 noon.  In addition, students are assigned extensive course work to be completed within a two week period following the three-day class period.  NCSM curriculum and class schedules are designed for saints who are involved in ministry, but could benefit from advanced Christian education.

Due To COVID-19 All Classes Will Be Conducted via Zoom Until Further Notice. Zoom Information will be made available upon registration of classes.

Affordable Tuition:  NCSC offers full credit classes on a monthly basis.  This allows students to pay tuition each month instead of for the etire semester.  By necessity, the classes are intensive and require a minimum of 37-1/2 hours of independent home study and assignments.



Registration:  Aug. 30th

Classes:  Sept. 15-17

Undergraduate - The Pentateuch (OT 101)


Registration:  Oct. 4th

Classes:  Oct. 20-22

Undergraduate - Early Israelite History (OT 102)

Masters - NT Advanced Research (BIB 503)

Doctoral - Theology of Praise (PT 423)


Registration:  Nov.1st

Classes:  Nov. 17-19

Undergraduate - The Kingdom Period (OT 103)

Masters - OT Advanced Research (BIB 501)

Doctoral - Effective Bible Study (PT 550)


Registration:  Nov. 29th

Classes:  Dec. 15-17

Undergraduate - Old Testament Literature (OT 105)

Masters - Biblical Hermedeutics Advanced Research (BIH 502)

Doctoral - Theology of the Beatitudes (NT 113)


Registration:  Jan. 3rd

Classes:  Jan.19-21

Undergraduate - Major Prophets (OT 106)

Masters - The Johannine Books (THY 208)


Registration:  Jan. 31st

Classes:  Feb. 16-18

Undergraduate - Minor Prophets (OT 107)

Masters - Theology of Spiritual Warfare (PT 516)

Doctoral - Theology of Spiritual Warfare Advanced Research (PT 616)


Registration:  Mar. 1st

Classes:  Mar. 17-19

Undergraduate - The Gospels (NT 201)

Masters - Theology of Eschatology (BT 525)

Doctoral - Theology of Eschatology Advanced Research (BT 625)


Registration:  Apr. 4th

Classes:  Apr. 20-22

Undergraduate - Who I Am In Christ, 1 (BIB 380A)

Masters - Theology of Christology (BT 321)

Doctoral - Theology of Christology Advanced Research (BT 521)


Registration:  May 2nd

Classes: May 18-20

Undergraduate - Who I Am In Christ, 2 (BIB 380B)

Masters - Theology of Salvation (BT 280)

Doctoral - Theology of Salvation Advanced Research (BT 580)


Registration:  May 30th

Classes: June 15-17

Undergraduate - Dawning of the Church (NT 201)

Masters - Church Evangelism Advanced Research (MIN 501)

Doctoral - Theology of Exegesis (THY 504)

8th Annual Commencement

Saturday, July 15, 2022

Place:  New Mt. Olive Baptist Church

Time: 2:00 pm








Please Note:  Dates and Courses are subject to change

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