New Calvary School of Ministry ACCREDITATION STATEMENT

The Accrediting Commision International for Schools, Colleges, & Theological Seminaries (A.C.I.)

P.O. BOX 102 - Beeb, AR  72012

ACI has not sought recognition from the United States Department of Education, the State of Lousiana, or the State of California.  This choice has been made by the Institutions that ACI represents and in no way reflects on it Legal Status or the quality of education offered by those Institutions.  ACI is an International Accrediting Commission that represents over 186 institutions, in 6 countires, and 35 states in the USA.  With over 30,000 registered students reported in 2000.

New Calvary School of Ministry has designated ACI as its Accrediting Agency because of our desire to remain free from the control of any Federal, State, or private agency that will not permit complete

Religious Freedom in our curriculum

and student body.

NCSM  offers Accredited Degree Programs.